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How to Start Blogging Like a Pro

DeathtoStock_Creative Community3For those who have been freelance writers for any amount of time, and they have found that their writings have received high commendations from the clients that they have served, perhaps it is time to start considering the plethora of opportunities that blogging provides an aspiring writer.

I, myself, have been a successful blogger for quite some time, and I find that it is fun, stress-relieving, and it is great for making a little bit of extra money on the side. Some bloggers have even become so creative with what they write that their blog has become a full-time job!

So, from one blogger to another, I hope that this article will provide any inspired writers out there with some tips that will show them how to blog well and not get lost in the big blogosphere that’s out there.

1. Know What You Write, Write What You Know

The most important component to writing a blog that will have wide impact is to select, and write, on a topic in which one is well-versed. Put simply, people know when a writer doesn’t know what he or she is talking about, and they will be more than happy to make the other blog readers aware of it.

Generally speaking, the best writers write about those things which they are passionate about. For example, I LOVE personal finance. I mean, I could write about it all day long without breaking a sweat or having to do a backbreaking amount of research. Personal finance, as a result, is a great topic for me to write about. For others, the topic may be art, poetry, movie reviews, food, etc. The options are endless, but anyone who wants to know how to blog should know this: write about what you love, because it will be easier and more fun that way.

2. Brainstorm/Storyboard Before Writing

Knowing what to write about isn’t the tough part. Finding out how to write it is what is tough. Before writing, make sure to storyboard your ideas. Put them in a flow chart in Microsoft Word, throw them on a piece of Paper, draw a picture to help you visualize what it is you want to say. Do whatever you need to do to have your ideas properly arranged in your brain before you begin to pen those ideas.

It is far easier to see and fix problems at the beginning than it is at the end. By that point, you have become highly attached to what you are working on. Trust me on this one.
So, get everything out on paper before you start creating the post. It will help you in the long run.

3. Pay to Scale (If You Want)

Now, if a person has killer ideas that look great on their blog, then the next best thing that they can do is promote them. Why? Because promotion drives ads, and ads drive revenue.

If your blog is a personal diary, skip this point. But if it isn’t, then do whatever you can to get more people to see your blog (i.e. buy a website to put it on, post it on all social media, pay to have it promoted, etc.). If you can drive high traffic (which is what we all want anyways), then you can claim ad revenue. If you can do this, then you have reached the pinnacle of blog-dom! Well done! I hope that this post will serve as a helped to you as you discover how to blog!