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How To Write Attention Grabbing Blog Titles

How To Start a Blog by First Learning the Importance of Blog Titles

There is a lot to learn when figuring out how to create a blog, especially if you’ve never really written as a professional before. Your title is the most important part of your blog post. If the titles don’t grab your reader’s attention and intrigue them enough to actually read the post, none of the other content inside the post will matter. It doesn’t matter how great and helpful your content is. It doesn’t matter what offers or affiliate links you have in your post and it doesn’t matter who sponsored you to write it. If you can’t get them to read it, the blog post won’t benefit you much or at all.

When it comes to getting organic search engine traffic, your title also plays an important role. It is an important factor when it comes to getting your content to rank. Yes, there are plenty of other factors, but a good title with the right keywords in it will do a lot of good in getting your blog post to rank well.

How do you go about writing a good, attention grabbing blog post title? Start with a working title for your post and write your content. Once you’re done with the blog post draft, come back and work on the finalized headline, implementing as many of the tips below as you can.

Make it Interesting and Tell The Truth

You want to write an attention grabbing headline. With that comes the temptation to hype it up and stretch the truth just a little bit. While that may get you some extra clicks, there’s a trade-off. You’ll lose credibility if you’re exaggerating or telling little (or big) white lies. These exaggerated article headlines are what people call a bait-and-switch; you see a lot of those headlines on social media. You click through and end up disappointed because the post doesn’t fulfill what the title promised.

Instead, make it interesting without all the hype and stick to the truth. A great way to do that is to think about what’s in it for your readers. What is the main problem you’re trying to solve for your readers? For example, an article targeted at people who don’t have time for a full workout 3 times a week you might use a headline, “15 minute exercises to help you lose 5 pounds in 30 days.”

Keep It Short and Engaging

It’s been surveyed and reported that shorter titles tend to do better both with click-throughs on your blog and social media. Keep it short and to the point. Think about engagement straight from the title of your post, ask your readers a question. Write a statement that makes them think. Put numbers in your titles to get them thinking about what’s in the content (i.e. 5 Best Methods for …)

Keep an eye out for titles that catch your attention. Copy and paste them into a swipe file and see how you can tweak them for your own needs and market.

Work In Your Keywords

Last but not least, don’t forget to work your keywords into the title. I tend to do this last. Always write for your readers first and then work in what you need to do to make sure the search engines recognize what your content is about. Ranking well for something your readers don’t want to read or don’t want to click on doesn’t do you much good. Focus on your audience and then optimize for search engines as an afterthought and you’ll have a much better chance at doing well.

Start Creating Your Blog with These Tips

Implement these tips and get a few blog posts out there. Pay attention to what’s working and what isn’t. Each market, each blog, and each readership is different. Use these tips as guidelines to help you find your own style that resonates well with your audience and gets you the results you want.