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How to Create Share-Worthy Infographics

You want your infographic to convey a certain amount of information to your audience, but you also want it to be share-worthy. Take the time to understand your audience, your subject matter, and the point you want to make with the infographic before you even start. In addition, you can make the following steps to create share-worthy infographics.

  • Keep It Simple – The simpler the infographic is, the better it will be received by your audience. Don’t get carried away trying to depict too much information on one infographic. When it comes to infographics, less is more. However, you can certainly share more information on one infographic than you can a blog post.
  • Use Readable Fonts – It’s fine to use creative fonts, but don’t get carried away using fonts that aren’t readable by most of the population. There are certain types of fonts that work better online than offline.
  • Tell a Story – Your infographic should depict a compelling story that you want to impart to your audience about your subject matter.
  • Make the Infographic Vertical – Some people have been using horizontal infographics, but studies have shown that people read vertically online, so keep your infographic vertical for the best results.
  • Use Colors That Work Together – Try using one color in different shades or no more than three or four colors that are easy on the eyes and contrast to make information stand out.
  • Chose a Topic That Interests Your Audience – If your audience is very interested in the topic and wants to learn about this information, then they’re going to be more likely to look at it and share it.
  • Find a Newsworthy Topic – If your topic has something to do with fresh newsworthy topics within your niche, then it’s going to be more likely to be shared with others.
  • Organize the Most Important Data – So that your data is not lost in the creative aspect of the development of the infographic, be sure to get the data points you want to cover organized.
  • Use Interesting Imagery – People like looking at pictures of information because it gives them a better understanding of the data that is being presented.
  • Ensure Your Graphics are Relevant – The best thing you can do is carefully choose which graphics you will use to best explain your information to your audience.
  • Provide Easy Embedding – Give people looking at your graphic an easy way to share it with social media buttons, but also allow embedding of your infographic with instructions for those who wish to share it.

Another large factor about whether or not your infographic will be shared is whether or not you promote the infographic. Once your infographic is done, you need to promote it as often as you can through a variety of channels.