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So You Want to Be a Freelance Writer, Eh?

Freelance writing is an amazing option for people who desire to (or need to) work from home. A writer can create a schedule that works for him or her, and that person can then build a profile that brings forth additional work. The individual must be able to meet a set of qualifications first, however. The following are some of the qualifications that freelance writers must have:

Blog Weblog Media Digital Dictionary Online ConceptComputer With an Internet Connection

The first thing that the person will need to become a freelance writer is a reliable computer with an Internet connection. The computer should have a comfortable keyboard and a screen that is big enough to prevent straining during the work shift. A new writer can start at the local library or at a friend’s home until he or she earns enough money to purchase a computer. The writer will need a strong and plentiful Internet connection to conduct research.

Passion for Writing

The second qualification that is necessary for one to join freelance writers is a genuine passion for writing. One may acquire a freelance gig without having a true passion for writing, but it will not work very long. The writer must love the idea of consistently creating fresh material for clients. Writing is an occupation that requires repetitive brain and finger efforts. The non-passionate person can become fatigued or disillusioned quickly.

Grasp of the English Language

The third qualification that a person has to have to become a freelance writer is a firm grasp on the English language. The individual must have knowledge of recent grammatical changes as well as the individual stylebook guidelines of potential employers. The writer must have smooth transitions and flowing sentence structure. Such skills can develop over time, but the person must start with a strong English foundation.

Willingness to Learn and Grow

The freelance writer must be willing to grow in his or her craft. That means taking lessons and advice from editors, freelance writers and other people who may be trying to help. Advancement should be a goal because it can help the freelance writer survive.

Work Samples

No person who applies for a writing job will get around providing a writing sample. The person will either have to write material on the spot for the application, or the person will have to upload an older project from the computer. Either way, the applicant should proofread the sample several times to ensure that it has no flaws. Many freelance writing platforms only give the writer one chance to submit material for the initial grading. It may not be possible to ask for a second chance at the first impression.

Finding a Freelance Job

The enthusiastic candidate can search for freelance jobs using a search engine, but the person should make the search specific to the type of job that he or she wants. Examples of common freelance opportunities include review writing, product descriptions, blogging, article writing and miscellaneous content generation. The opportunities are there for anyone who would like to seize them.