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How to Land High-Paying Freelance Writing Assignments

Freelance writer letterHigh-Paying Freelance Writing Jobs Exist

With the rapid spread of technology and more workers telecommuting from home, it would seem that finding freelance writing jobs online should be simple. But with a wealth of low-paying sites clogging up search results and prominent job boards attracting hundreds, if not thousands, of applications, it can be hard to find a high-paying job and even harder to land it.

The trick to landing higher paying gigs as a freelance writer lies not in the quantity of applications you submit but the quality. Spending a little extra time to search out top paying markets can provide you with a steady stream of income from fewer articles. Here are some ways you can find your next big break.

Seek Out Targeted Job Boards

Sites such as MediaBistro.com specialize in posting job listings for prominent companies seeking experienced writers. Topics range from copywriting and editing to social media and press releases. Many sites offer the ability to set up email alerts when new jobs in your field are posted.

Search General Job Sites

Monster, Career Builder, and Indeed are all known for their wide range of job listings, but not everyone knows you can find freelance job postings as well. Search for terms such as “freelance writer” or “freelance copywriter” in your city, or choose the closest major city if nothing shows up at first. As with the above category, you can also receive new job alerts by email.

Focus on a Niche Market

Whether you are skilled in a particular industry or enjoy a specific hobby, you can use that knowledge to narrow your job search. There are magazines and websites available on almost any topic you can think of, whether it’s a website on pet care written by veterinarians or a magazine on building model train sets. Search online or even at your local library for sites and publications in your area of interest and then review their editorial information for any mention of how authors can submit articles for consideration. The more specialized your interest, the larger the chance that someone is seeking writers like you.

Focus on a Niche Format

If you don’t have a particular area of interest you want to write about, you can focus on a specific type of writing instead. Almost every mid-size to large company needs someone skilled in copywriting, press releases, or technical writing at some point during the year. Searching for job postings based on the type of writing you are most experienced at can turn up a wealth of results. If you want to get it started in a certain field, such as press releases, but lack experience, you can write a few for lower paying clients and job boards. Once you build your portfolio and your confidence, start tackling those larger paying assignments.

The most important tip to finding high-paying freelance writing jobs is to keep trying. Even when you have a full plate of work, be sure to keep an eye out for new assignments. A steady stream of clients is the key to becoming a full-time freelancer and will help pad your income for slower times of the year.